Effective Chronic Pain Management through Massage

Chronic Pain

Massage therapy for chronic pain is a common part of a comprehensive and integrative health care plan. It can help the chronic pain sufferer relax, reducing their pain and increasing their sense of well-being at the same time. A licensed massage therapist will work to address specific pain issues, choosing a treatment plan that will best suit the person facing chronic pain.

Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts six months or more. The constant assault that chronic pain causes can cause more than just pain, such as increased stress levels, reduced joint movement, and sleep disturbances. These can be debilitating, causing those suffering from chronic pain to feel even more pain. It is important to treat chronic pain as soon as possible, and as consistently as possible, to ensure good health and a positive outcome. Massage therapy is an excellent remedy that will help the sufferer as they face life with chronic pain.

Three ways chronic pain can negatively affect those who suffer from it are increased stress levels, poor joint mobility, and sleep problems. These side effects of chronic pain can escalate pain, causing a vicious cycle that only results in more pain. A good treatment plan should include a regular habit of massage therapy for chronic pain.

Decreasing Stress Levels

Someone who suffers from chronic pain can experience higher levels of stress than usual. A routine of massage therapy can help ease that stress. Massage can relax many chronic pain sufferers, with low lights, quiet relaxing music, and a calm atmosphere. The manipulation of sore muscles can increase that relaxation by reducing pain in the short term. Massage therapy for chronic pain is an excellent solution for patients who experience increased stress due to their pain.

Improving Joint Movement

Massage therapy for chronic pain can improve joint function and mobility. The massage therapist can heat the joint before the massage for greater comfort and improved relief. The massage therapist can also monitor the condition of the joint and advise when it is time to see your chiropractor or doctor for further treatment.

Massage Therapy and Sleep Benefits

Massage therapy can also offer sleep benefits for those who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can often lead to poor sleep and sleep deprivation. A massage is meant to be relaxing from the moment of arrival until it’s finished. Relaxation, especially the deep relaxation that comes with massage therapy, can lead to better sleep. Over time, a regular schedule of massage therapy for chronic pain can improve the length and quality of sleep.

Massage therapy for chronic pain is not an indulgence. It’s an essential part of a treatment plan that can address the resulting stress, joint problems, and sleep deprivation that comes with it. Massage therapy for chronic pain in Waterford, MI is a common treatment solution.

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