How can Hypnosis help on weight loss?

Maude Favre is a Swiss qualified practitioner of hypnosis in Geneva, Certified Academic Medicine and Instructor in hypnosis NGH with over 12 years of experience and great success in her consultations. 

Maude Favre is known to have high result on hypnosis for weight loss or virtual gastric ring. She also created special technics of hypnosis to stop smoking or to quit sugar. She works with hypnosis for Insomnia, phobia, nails biting, libido and a lot more. You can find a more precise list on her hypnosis practice on her  hypnosis in Geneva  in the section « list of hypnosis possibility ». 

It is well known that a healthy diet and exercise are recommended for weight loss. However, you may have tried every diet possible without result. This may mean that the cause of this problem is not in the system itself, but in the depths of your unconscious. Hypnosis will give you tool to identify the emotional cause of your weight problem. By revealing the source, it can be treated in most cases. Hypnosis can also help you redefine Your eating habits and to manage the amount of food ingested. Therefore, your cravings are fading away, you don’t think about food the way you use to. Most people say that the attraction for a healthier food, comes easily and naturally.

Hypnosis to stop smoking, how does it work? Remember your first cigarette? The taste? Well if you don’t your body does. With hypnosis to quit smoking is something easy as it is natural for the body. How? you were born a non-smoker and therefore this memory is still there, we just don’t have access consciously but your subconscious has the ability to switch back to the heathy memory.  The great part to use hypnosis to stop smoking is that you won’t be putting any extra weight. You think you can? Know that 50-60%% of smokers, with the help of hypnosis, stop smoking. According to People, 1-3 sessions are needed to stop smoking.

There is no specific number of cessions, it depends on each person. Some will stop smoking in 1 cession, some other a few more. You give up your bad habits and improve your health without gaining weight.

So what is Hypnosis than?

Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness

Although hypnotists still give the command “Sleep!” and later “Wake up!” this is a verbal shorthand. The subject remains conscious throughout. He does not become a zombie or black out. In fact, many people report that they actually feel more awake in hypnosis. The mind is more focused and clearer, freed of the myriad distractions that occupy it in the state of “normal” awareness. – You have repeatedly been in a state of hypnosis and I will give you some examples: When you are absorbed while driving, walking on your regular way to work or home, when you read or watch a movie. In these moments, you are without you realizing it, in automatic mode or hypnotic state, and this naturally. Hypnosis is NOT control. Contrary to popular belief, no-one can hypnotize you against your will. Nor can they make you do something that is against your will. Ask even the deepest subject to do something against his moral values or basic sense of survival, and he will refuse – and may even pop right out of trance. We all have an inbuilt protection mechanism, which will not allow us to go, too far or get our self in danger.

Any (normal) person can be hypnotized, if they have a good hypnotist

Imagination, sensitivity and susceptibility are three important components in the ability to be hypnotized. A positive attitude toward hypnosis and a waiting state are key elements to achieve goals and objectives. The reaction we hear frequently and during session, we reached a wonderful feeling of peace tranquility and inner well-being. We leave this experience revitalized and relaxed. hypnotherapy geneva There is no specific number of cessions, it depends on each person.

How to practice hypnosis at home?

Maude Favre has created an App call « hypnose Maude Favre » with different types of hypnosis’ audios available on Apple Store. The great thing is you can listen to her voice and do your hypnosis cession, in a comfortable position at home, at your office or any place you feel safe and can relax and listen as many times as you want during 30 days, after the audio will NOT renew. For android you can access to her hypnosis audio on her website.

Hypnosis is a fantastic and easy way to make changes.



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