Hydrovane Compressors in GA: Your Questions Answered

Hydrovane Compressors



As the premier distributor of Hydrovane compressors in GA, we receive quite a few questions about them. Today we’re sharing our answers to the most commonly asked ones.

Q. Why should I purchase a Vane compressor?
A. It is a long-term investment that will supply high-quality, pulse-free air consistently and efficiently and can last up to three times longer than alternative options.

Q. How long do Hydrovane compressors in GA last?
A. When connected and maintained according to the correct service guidelines, the Hydrovane compressor can last quite long without replacement of any major components. In fact, 100,000 hours is not uncommon.

Q. How often do the blades in a Hydrovane compressor need to be replaced?
A. The rotor blades and stator are all produced from high-quality cast iron. Throughout the life of the compressor, the surfaces become highly refined and the compressor actually becomes more effective. The blades should never need replacement.

Q. How efficient Hydrovane compressors in GA?
A. The performance of the Hydrovane compressor is similar to any alternative compression method. Hydrovane has developed a full range of regulated speed compressors to minimize energy consumption at all speeds.

Q. How reliable is a Hydrovane compressor?
A. The Hydrovane compressor is driven at low speed with minimal internal strains. So with correct maintenance, the compressor can run problem-free without affecting your productivity.

Q. How easy is it to install a Hydrovane compressor?
A. Most Hydrovane compressors in GA are designed to be easily transported using a forklift or pallet truck and fit through a typical doorway. The services are positioned to facilitate quick and easy electrical connection and pipe work.

Q. Is it easy to service a Hydrovane compressor?
A. All Hydrovane compressors boast a simple service regime that requires only changing the oil, air and oil filters at 2000 hours. A range of ready-made kits containing genuine Hydrovane parts is available.

Q. How long do the bearings last on a Hydrovane compressor?
A. Because Hydrovane compressors utilize bushes, not bearings, there are no bearings to wear out. The white metal bushes are pressure-lubricated and designed to last the life of the compressor.

Q. Do Hydrovane compressors in GA have a good resale value?
A. Yes, as the Hydrovane compressor and its components are manufactured from cast iron, and the vane technology employs low speed running, vane compressors actually wear in, whilst others are wearing out. They are one of the few pieces of equipment that actually improve in performance with age.

Q. How safe is a Hydrovane compressor to operate?
A. Hydrovane compressors conform to EEC safety regulations and include cut-off thermistors to prevent the compressor from overheating. They are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory, so installation is plug-and-play.

Q. How noisy is a Hydrovane compressor?
A. The Hydrovane compressor is one of the quietest on the market. Certain Hydrovane compressors can be bought as either open or enclosed versions. The enclosed version reduces noise far more than the open variety.
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