Is RTMP for Android the Most Trending Thing Now?

RTMP is one of old Internet protocols, initially intended for playing Flash video and owned by Adobe. As flash video is dying slowly and surely after its domination over web multimedia for dozens of years, RTMP is still in demand and even keep gaining popularity in live video streaming applications.


Undoubtedly, technologies are always on the move, and newly developed protocols can boast close functionality, but long and successful history secures RTMP reliable positions in sense of its compatibility with an entire generation of video streaming software.


In spite of its rivals, RTMP is trending as never before thanks to a constantly growing number of live streaming services. Live event streaming, outdoor trip streaming, educational and healthcare streaming along with other types of this tech-related activity emerge on tech horizon. We don’t talk about video hosting anymore – it’s already a history. New video-related online platforms provide video streaming hosting. Some of them have even more narrowed specialization. For example, one of Amazon’s subsidiaries, Twitch Interactive has launched a web platform dedicated primarily to game streaming that is quickly turned into new e-sport with numerous fans over the world. Nowadays established game development companies, such as Ubisoft and Telltales Games, use this platform for beta-testing their products in real-time. In 2018 Twitch attracted more than 15 million active users a day with its 2.2 million broadcasters.


All these top-notch services use RTMP as a base protocol for their server-side applications. The main reason is such a remarkable feature as publishing, supported by RTMP. Publishing is a process of pushing a live media stream from client side to a server for its further distribution. Many modern protocols lack this feature or provide it in much less effective way. This probably makes RTMP one of the most trending technologies on Android right now.


VASTreaming RTMP library for Android is an extended set of standard RTMP library written in Java for easy integration into Android Studio projects and oriented exactly for streaming applications. It is fast, robust, light and does not have any external dependencies. One of the key advantages of this library is very low latency (on certain platforms only), what can be crucial for such applications as video chats and video game streaming. Thus, using the library, you are able to participate in the worldwide trend.


VASTreaming RTMP library for Android allows you capturing the device screen as well as camera and even more, mix the following video sources together in real-time:

  •         One or more camera capture
  •         Screen capture
  •         Overlay text
  •         Overlay static or dynamic image (e.g. GIF file) with preserving the transparency


Any streamer would appreciate this option. It would be especially helpful in the game and educational streaming when you need to demonstrate what is happening right now on your screen and in your room simultaneously, accompanying actions with audial and textual commentaries.


VASTreaming RTMP library for Android provides not only the most demand function of publishing live stream to servers but also the sustained client mode that allows your app watching live streams directly from RTMP servers. The server mode is also included and can be used to extend the commonly utilized media flow and pull media data from your Android device or to build an intermediate server forwarding media flow in a way specific exactly for your business.


VASTreaming provides extensive support for developers and quick-to-help service to answer any question arises while the VASTreaming library use. If convenient for development process, it can be arranged to have a full-scale supervising over the integration of streaming libraries into your projects. 


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