Lighting and Boat Safety

Although boating is fun, it should not be considered all fun and games with a lack of knowledge and application of safety. It is extremely vital to take boat safety seriously, because anything can happen, to anyone, and at any time.

Although many boat accident fatalities are marked “unknown” when it comes to the time of the accident, a very large percentage of those accidents occur between 6:30 P.M. and 8:30 A.M. the following day, when there is a lack of daylight to help boaters see. With that being said, boat lighting is one of the many important features of boat safety.

Types of Boat Lights

There are four major types of navigation boat lights: all-around white lights, masthead, sidelights, and stern lights.

All-around white lights are lights that are put all around the boat so that the boat can be seen by other vessels from any and all directions. These lights typically can be seen from two miles away.

The masthead, required on all vessels, is a white light that shines forward, as well as both sides. This light is also typically seen from two miles away.

Sidelights are used so that other boats will see your boat if they are approaching from the side or head-on, and these lights are red and green. These lights can be seen from a mile away.

The stern lights are only on the back end of the boat for other boaters who are behind you to see you. These lights should be visible to other boats two miles away from yours.

 Boat Docking Lights

Boat docking lights are lights that are used to light up your marina or dock at night. With these lights, it is much easier to see around you when you are docking your boat, which can help you avoid damage to both your dock and your boat. The lights also alert other boaters coming through or trying to dock their boat nearby.

The lights make it easier for them to see your boat, which in turn can help to avoid them from hitting your boat with theirs. LED boat docking lights are commonly used for this type of lighting, and using LED is highly advised.

LED boat docking lights are easily installed. There are plenty of online resources to help you, whether you prefer written instructions or how-to videos. Simply type in dock lighting installations, and you will find plenty of resources to explore.

Why Should I Use LED on my Boat?

LED lights can produce up to 90% more light than regular light bulbs, so for extreme safety, it is best to use LED lights on your boat. Not only that but since they only use 10-20 percent of the power used by traditional bulbs, their battery life is a lot longer.

Not only are LED lights able to produce more light than the average bulb, but they also last longer, which are two things that should put your mind at ease when boating at night, or in any other instance where visibility is low.

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