Non-Trucking Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy

When exploring different types of commercial truck insurance, one policy you will often come across is a non-trucking liability (NTL). An NTL policy is designed to protect drivers even when they’re not on a job. Commercial vehicles are often driven for personal use, but primary commercial insurance and general liability coverage won’t cover accidents occurring outside of business operations.

Bobtail vs. Non-Trucking Insurance

Many drivers think non-trucking insurance and bobtail insurance are the same thing. But they each serve different purposes. Bobtail policies are designed for truckers who are operating their rig without a trailer attached, an act known as bobtailing. When a commercial truck is driven without cargo attached, accident damage can be covered by a bobtail policy.

Non-trucking insurance is less expensive than bobtail coverage. Like bobtail insurance, this policy also covers drivers regardless of the company they’re working for. Bobtail insurance may offer coverage to a non-attached truck when it’s dispatched or for personal reasons. Non-trucking insurance, on the other hand, protects commercial non-attached trucks solely when they’re being used for personal reasons. 

Who Needs Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

Any driver who spends a lot of time in their vehicle when they’re not dispatched can benefit from this coverage. For many drivers, their truck is like home. Personal use isn’t an exception to their career, it’s a fact of life. That means they need coverage regardless of who they’re working for and whether they’re on a job or not.

Many carriers now require their drivers to carry their own NTL coverages, and the minimum standard limit is $1 million. A non-trucking liability policy protects the driver and the motor carrier’s primary liability policies.

If you’re driving your truck between jobs, then a non-trucking policy will be your primary source of insurance. Only when you’re leased to a motor carrier and under dispatch will their primary liability insurance protect you. 

What Does Non-Trucking Liability Cover?

Any damages your truck causes to property, vehicles or people during non-business use will be covered. By definition, liability insurance only covers damages that you cause to other drivers. This means you will not receive any compensation for personal injuries or damages from your own NTL policy. The other driver’s insurance would be responsible, or your own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage if the other driver does not have sufficient coverage.

Because NTL only covers damages you inflict, it’s not uncommon to couple a non-trucking liability policy with some other type of insurance. You may choose to add underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, occupational hazard insurance, or a physical damage policy.

One of the best things about a non-trucking liability policy is its flexibility. You can package it with other policies or keep it as-is. As your needs evolve throughout your trucking career, so will your insurance needs. An NTL policy is just one of the many forms of commercial coverage that you can benefit from. 

Finding Non-Trucking Liability Insurance 

Working with an independent insurance agent will provide the strong options at the most competitive premiums. Since independent agents work for you the client (and not the insurance company), they will shop for the best coverage and terms available 


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