6 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Servers & Hardware

IT companies and businesses often need to change servers and hardware to keep up with the times and their requirements. When heading out to buy IT equipment, you take into account several things such as what tasks need to b performed, how much computational power you require and what you can and cannot afford. 

When you buy a new server, you take into account the manufacturer (the brand of the server), the retailer and your configuration, but when you buy refurbished servers, there are many more factors that come into play. 

These factors include the quality of the product, how much you can trust the seller and whether the seller has any certifications in refurbishing servers or not. Even if everything works fine, you would be skeptical about purchasing refurbished servers. 

However, this article talks about a few reasons why you should buy refurbished servers and how it can be a better investment. 

  1. Get More for Less 

When you buy a new server, everything inside it is new and straight out of the box and therefore, you are paying a higher price. Moreover, you are also limited to what a manufacturer can offer and there isn’t much room for customization. 

However, if you need to upgrade your IT corner and have a limited budget but you also want better performance, you can always buy refurbished servers. This pays off because, for the same price or maybe even lower than that of a new server, you can get much higher specs and performance in a refurbished server. Moreover, a refurbished server allows for a great deal of customization. You can choose each product individually and build your device. 

At Kahn Servers, we allow customers to build their servers by choosing each component individually through an extremely easy to use interface. Moreover, we offer a one year warranty along with the guarantee that we test and verify each product thoroughly before dispatching it. 

  1. Go Green 

Electronic waste is a big problem and refurbishing companies are audited annually to ensure that their electronic waste is not going into landfills. These companies need a channel to make good use of electronics that can’t be sold as new products. 

When you buy a refurbished server, you are making use of a product that has the ability to deliver the required performance but would have otherwise ended up in waste. You also help refurbishing companies productively get rid of the heaps of electronic waste that would otherwise just pile up if nobody bought it. 

  1. Smaller Lead Times 

It feels great when you order something online and it’s shipped within a day or two. When buying refurbished servers, they are usually shipped on the same day and in case of customizations, they are still shipped in 2 to 3 days. New products, on the other hand, take much longer and the lead time can be agonizing. 

At Kahn Servers, we build and dispatch your product within as little as 2 working days. 

  1. Easier Returns and Cheaper Maintenance 

When you buy a new product and want to return it, it takes a long time for the return to get approved and apart from just that, the process itself is a hassle. Refurbished servers, on the other hand, are easily returned to the retailer and the refunds can happen quickly. 

Moreover, the spare parts of refurbished servers are both cheaper and readily available. Newer products require that their spare parts are purchased from the manufacturer which can take a while whereas spare parts of older equipment are available whenever you are ready to purchase them. 

  1. Save Shipping 

New servers come with expensive shipping and handling costs, also mainly because servers are delicate and heavy devices. However, a refurbished server may even come with free delivery in most places and other than that, since it is shipped directly without the involvement of third parties, you save largely on shipping costs. 

  1. Save in the Longer Run 

IT equipment depreciates quickly, an iPhone comes out every year deprecating the preceding one. Therefore, it is sometimes wise to go for refurbished since newer technology is always coming in and you can simply keep upgrading your device. 

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