What Sort of Equipment Goes in and Out of a Surgery Room?

There are thousands and thousands of different types of surgeries that are done every single day in the United States and in other countries across the globe. In the US alone, there were nearly 50 million surgeries completed on an inpatient basis alone, with millions and millions more done on an outpatient basis in clinics or doctors’ offices.

Anyone who has ever undergone surgery under general anesthetic knows that you cannot remember anything from the time you were anesthetized and sedated. You will have no memory of what was brought in or taken out of the surgical room and will wake up in a post-anesthesia care unit.

It is natural to wonder about what comes in and out of the room while you are anesthetized. From hospital computer carts on wheels to surgical equipment, there are upwards of dozens of items that can enter and leave the surgical suite during one surgical procedure.

Equipment Used in Every Surgery

In a typical surgery, there is a surgeon and at least two nurses, who are referred to as the scrub nurse and the circulating nurse. The circulating nurse, or circulator, is usually the person responsible for bringing any items required into the surgical suite during any procedure.

One of the most common items that can be brought in during a surgery is additional sterile equipment. This includes all types of sterile metal tools including retractors, forceps, scalpels, hemostats, and more. It may also include supplies that will be used in the surgery such as towels, suturing equipment, and more.

Almost every surgery involves the use of hospital computer carts that have the computer where the patient’s information is stored, and the surgical procedure itself is documented. You can expect that at least one of these carts will be in the room as your surgery is performed.

Other Items Entering the Surgical Suite

During your surgery, a number of other items may enter or leave the operating room.

Sometimes, new scrubs, linens, and other supplies will be brought in if they are needed or requested by the surgeon.

Another item commonly brought in is hospital computer cart on wheels that have the patient’s electronic medical records stored on a Computer Repair Service.

In the unlikely event that the patient needs to be resuscitated, resuscitation equipment will be brought in, such as defibrillators, oxygen, wheeled carts with medication and airway equipment, and more.

If you have questions about what will enter or leave the operating room while you are having your surgery done, ask one of the nurses at the surgical center. From sanitized equipment to hospital computer carts, they will be able to tell you what the usual flow of people and objects through the operating room is like.

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