The Cost of Crime is Skyrocketing – Maintain Your Video Surveillance In Florida for Optimum Security

Today, securing your premises is a major concern with the cost of crime now at $12.6 billion. There are numerous ways to safeguard your property and video surveillance in Florida is one of them.

Possible Problems for Video Surveillance in Florida

Normally, the reason for installing a video surveillance system is to guard the property against theft, vandalism, trespass or to protect high-value goods by providing recorded video footage of activity in and around the house.

In order to ensure your home security system continues to function at its best, you’ll need to schedule a regular maintenance check. This will help guard your investment while ensuring you get the best possible performance from your security system.

Here are 15 tips for your security camera maintenance.

1. Keep camera lenses clean. Inspect your indoor and outdoor camera lenses to ensure they are always clean. Your camera won’t get clear shots if your lenses are smudged or dirty.

2. Prune the landscaping. Inspect all your outdoor cameras to make sure they all provide a clear view. Keep vines, trees, bushes and other plants that are located near the cameras trimmed to prevent them from obstructing the camera.

3. Inspect the camera’s housing. The camera’s enclosures should be waterproof – you can check this by opening your security cameras’ housing to look for signs of water, dirt, and condensation.

4. Check for corrosion. Check all connectors for signs of corrosion. If you find any corroded connectors, replace them immediately because it can cause the rest of the equipment to short out.

5. Make sure that all cables are connected securely. Inspect the cable connectors, including those connecting the monitor, DVR and security cameras to ensure they are all receiving power. Also, check the cabling for any signs of wear and tear, and replace any exposed wire immediately.

6. Check the power supply. Check the power supply to your video surveillance in Florida to confirm there is no loss of power due to storms, tampering, brownouts or other unwanted events.

7. Dust off your DVR. The DVR can collect a layer of dust over time, and this must be wiped off regularly – using a microfiber cloth – to prevent it from affecting the DVR’s performance.

8. Clean up the hard drive. A large hard drive is needed to record and store a lot of data. This means that you have to periodically back up and delete the video once the hard drive fills up.

9. Verify the recording function. Schedule a reminder to check on the camera system recording ability each week. It is always crucial to determine if there is something wrong with the system before a major security incident actually occurs.

10. Occasionally review camera position setups. This should be done to ensure optimum location and camera focus. You may include an extra camera to capture fill-the-frame images of potential suspects as they move about your home.

11. Inspect the lighting. Ensure important areas have enough lighting to illuminate suspects for easy identification.

12. Check and remove anything that blocks the camera’s view. The camera’s line of sight should remain unobstructed, and obstruction typically happens when banners or posters are placed in front of hidden camera locations by other individuals.

13. Set the correct time and date. Check to ensure the correct date and time are generated by the DVR and displayed on the monitor on a daily basis.

14. Display signage. Making a small investment in professional signage can help mitigate risks by confirming that you are in fact using video surveillance in Florida.

15. Hire professionals. A number of service-level agreements to maintain your home explainer video for business surveillance system are available and they may include loaner gear, emergency response, and instant availability of replacement parts.

Your video surveillance in Florida needs regular maintenance to ensure a clear picture, uninterrupted feed and wholesome coverage of key areas. To protect your home, contact us today to ensure your system is operating at its best.

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