Top 3 Glock Handguns

Glock is a brand which has risen in popularity recently. First made in 1963 by an Austrian company, the original European facility is still in operation.

The signature trait of all Glock handguns is the three independent safeties that utilize something call the SAFE ACTION system.

Glock handguns available in six different colors including olive drab, flat dark earth, battlefield green, and grey. Glock makes training guns using two additional colors: blue and red.

Here are details concerning the three most popular Glock handguns:

Glock 42

This firearm single stack Glock pistol, the first of its kind, is only produced in the United States. This is the smallest Glock available, a 380-caliber, and is a great gun for beginners and experienced shooters alike.

The Glock 42 is a double-action pistol with a polygonal barrel rifling. As with all Glock handguns, it features a lever incorporated into the trigger to help prevent accidental discharge.

The polymer grip is a Gen4 texture. This firearm is popular for its slim lines and compact design.

Glock 17

The st is a popular weapon among those in the law enforcement professions and the military. It uses 9mm Luger rounds, and the standard magazine holds a whopping 17 cartridges. This gun is known for its high performance and reliability.

This firearm is also a double action with a black polymer grip and black frame. The total round capacity is ten in the magazine and one in the chamber. It only weighs 3.45 pounds, with a barrel length of just under four and a half inches. It features a white-dot style front sight and a white-bracket rear sight.

Glock 19

This is the compact version of the iconic Glock 9mm. Owners can easily conceal this weapon. It makes a great back-up gun due to its small size.

A Brand That Has Earned Its Name

This is certainly a brand that has earned its name in both a professional sense and among hobbyists and gun enthusiasts all around the world. There are a variety of different styles, calibers, and size of Glocks available to consumers.

Those in the market for their very on Glock handgun can view the entire line of handguns made by Glock on any number of online gun stores.

Once you own a Glock, chances are you will have found the perfect weapon for whatever needs you have.

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