Top E-Commerce Strategies for 2018

e-commerce marketing

E-commerce marketing Michigan businesses employ these top strategies to draw consumers to their products and services offered in the digital marketplace.

The digital marketplace represents the frontier of sales in the modern era, and to capitalize on that market we’ve set out the most important strategies. To attract your audience – and future clients – businesses should incorporate the following components in their overall e-commerce strategy.

Ensuring ease of digital payment

Results show its limited payment options that dissuade consumers from purchasing online. Without a range of payment options available, customers will go to the competition for services or products. So, don’t let payment problems be the reason customer’s miss out on your quality products.

For instance, accepting payments through PayPal represents one of the most convenient options to include. Many studies have demonstrated that offering PayPal as a payment option can increase orders – open a PayPal account, and add a PayPal payment link to your site now.

Improve the overall checkout process

While including a variety of payment options is a crucial first step, streamlining the checkout process is equally as important. If consumers are forced to fill out excessive information, move through several pages, or are hit with surprise costs—such as shipping—at the end of the process, they may abandon the purchase – again, visiting a competitor’s site that offers ease.

Approximately 68% of online shopping carts are never completed? Ensuring a smooth and surprise-free checkout process is an essential component in converting full shopping carts to sales.

Include adequate information about products and services online

With a wealth of information available to consumers at our fingertips, we now conduct lengthy research before purchasing a product. Including detailed and relevant information on a company webpage to make sure customers access the information they need to convince them to buy. Why not include positive reviews from previous shoppers?

Utilize all digital platforms

Maintaining a presence across all digital platforms provides a synergistic effect on brand awareness. For instance, using a variety of social media sites engages the audience and maintains consumer relationships through multiple communication channels.

Additionally, there are a variety of other content creation platforms available that can help inform consumers about a company’s industry trends and product offerings. So, casting a wide net is crucial in the digital marketplace.

Incorporating an SEO strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical in driving web traffic. Search engines utilize their own specific sets of criteria to determine webpage rankings – and appearing on the first of results versus the second page drives traffic and boosts sales.

Understanding SEO and associating your brand with important keywords, linked to high authority domains, described by optimal metadata, will prove an effective e-commerce strategy.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, any e-commerce marketing solution MI companies must seek to incorporate the following elements: SEO strategy, a presence across digital platforms, adequate product information, an effective checkout process, and a variety of product payment options. With the digital marketplace playing such a central role in consumer spending, formulating an effective e-commerce strategy in 2018 should be a focus of all companies.

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