About Us

First and foremost, we are art lovers who have evolved to go beyond the childhood hobby of reading and sharing of action packed drawings with friends. We love and appreciate the time and effort that brings into existence the comic art and characters that we have followed for decades. This platform is dedicated to the pleasure of appreciating Robert Atkins works of creativity and undying art.

We have read the famous numbered comics that have flowed from the creative coves of Rob’s mind, plenty of which have found their places in the big screen and silver screens – showing how much of a genius he is. All of those titles will grace the pages of this platform as we intend to spread the beauty that lies in his creativity.

Through our platform, millions of hardcore G.I Joe fans, and Transformers inspired creatives will meet and share the passion they have enjoyed from when there was no single movie with the title. Collectors and creators have now a platform to share ideas, comment on art and wait for future creations together, regardless of where they fell in love with comic art from.

Robert is the core creative for our favourite collections, and as such we hope to appreciate his talent as well as nurture that of every other fan that lives in a creative he helped construct. Sketches that have never been seen of his work as well as renditions of his work from the most loyal of his art will be featured regularly to the community of fans that has already started to accumulate around this platform.

This too will be a place where all the work done by Robert Atkins will be made immortal for the future generations to wow at and like we inevitably did, enjoy. A fan community with galleries curated by the only deserving – fans. Through sharing the work done by Rob that we have hidden in our treasure chests for decades, this platform will bring justice and add on to the fans that will never change but keep enjoying his work.

We watch movies that feature characters that came from Robert Atkins’ pencils, and when fitting it is always a pleasure to share views and comments about how good it feels when art come to life. With laughter and appreciation, we too won’t shy away from saying that the comics we love will stay best the way that Robert created and intended.