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If you appreciate the pure works of art in black and white that has brought a lot of joy and entertainment to the world, from Robert Atkins, you are fit to be part of our fans community.

We have a lot of characters that we have been collected from decades ago, in crisp condition – and this platform, through your request via the forms below, is your portal to having your own copies and even the originals of all these.

Because Robert Atkins has a lot of fans, much like he created a lot of characters, we are calling to the world (and beyond) for submissions to the gallery, that the rest of us fans have the chance to enjoy his work too. You can submit work done by Rob to our archives and in your own right take part in increasing the love for his work – you know he deserves a lot more.

We look to Robert’s fans before Comic Con and at special times(everyday), that they be the instrument he imagines would spur the creativity and talent he dishes to us with the rest of the world, and it is our destiny as fans to share all with family and friends online and offline, so that they too become fans.

If you have art that deserves to be seen by other fans, because you are a fan of Robert Atkins’ we will be glad to share it with the rest of the fans for you.