What is a Sewer Video Inspection for Municipal Sewers in Montgomery?

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One thing that has made trenchless sewer line repair possible in the modern world is the advent of video inspections. They have helped to improve accuracy and save money. So how do sewer video inspections work, and why are they beneficial for the municipal sewers in Montgomery?

What is a Sewer Video Inspection?

A sewer video inspection involves inserting a video camera into sewage pipes to assess whether there is a problem. A camera is able to uncover the extent of the clogging that has taken place, the amount of cracks and the size of them, along with the impact of root intrusion. These inspections are typically done before a repair job, and are also carried out following a job’s completion, to check whether the repair has worked as intended.

The inspection is done by snaking the camera down through the affected pipes.


In the past, identifying whether there were problems with sewers was pure guesswork, since without digging up there was no way of knowing where the issues were and how bad the situation was. Hence, pipes may have been fully replaced when in reality they just needed patching up.

In addition, since video inspections can locate the exact position of a crack or root intrusion, repairmen can dig in that exact area, causing minimum disruption. This is ideal for the municipal sewers system in Montgomery, where a large-scale excavation should be considered a last resort.

Muncipal sewers are different to homeowners’ systems in that they are much bigger, meaning the project to repair them is also bigger. Video inspections are able to eliminate all the needless work that was previously done, saving time, money and resources.

Visual Identification of Problems

Few people are experts when it comes to sewers, but thanks to video inspections, it helps to give everyone a better idea about how the pipes work, and the problems that they face. Visual evidence of an issue helps to confirm the appropriate course of action that repairmen should take, as well as showing the damage that has been caused.

This also protects people from being charged too much by repairmen, who are no longer able to take advantage, since people are able to see the state of their sewers for themselves.

Essential to the Trenchless Repair Process

It is clear that trenchless repair would not be possible without video inspections. No-dig alternatives are becoming more and more popular, and video inspections are able to determine which type of repair needs to be made and where. For example, a camera in the pipes can show how badly damaged the old pipe material is, as well as the extent of the clogging. It could be the case that no lasting repairs are required, and that a thorough pipe cleaning is appropriate maintenance.

Pipe relining in the municipal sewers in Montgomery is much easier thanks to video inspections. The footage can work out where the repairs need to be made, and whether the new pipe has formed against the old pipe as it should. This form of a guarantee is essential in giving peace of mind to the payer.

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