7 Important Facts About Dell Server Components

Servers are devices that connect with multiple users, programs and clients in an environment where they are required to take requests and solve them. A server is usually a device that is required to function 24 hours at a stretch and 7 days a week, this means that it is not normal to be shut down for maintenance very often. When choosing a server for your requirements, it is therefore important for you to choose something that you know will function through thick and thin. 

Here at Kahn Servers, we build dell servers with some of the most qualitative dell server components to ensure reliability. 

Dell servers have made it big time in the market while being an excellent all-rounder since they meet requirements and processing loads of all kinds in all kinds of environments. Here are some facts about Dell server components that we bet you never knew. 

  1. Complete Coverage 

Dell servers, especially the Power Edge family devices are customizable for use in small businesses to large e-commerce and corporates with heavy-duty processing loads. Dell servers have a flexible architecture that allows for upgrades and replacements on the go so that your device is always new and up to date. Moreover, you also save on costs in the long run since you never have to re-invest on this side of the IT once Dell has you covered. 

Dell server components are also largely available at Kahn Servers where we can build a refurbished Dell server for you using the newest generation components. 

  1. Awards for Dell Servers 

Throughout 2002, Dell received several awards for its PowerEdge line of servers for excellent performance and value offered in terms of price. An unreliable server stands in your way of providing trouble-free connections to your clients and users. Choosing the right kind of device will help you grow and nothing speaks better for a device than the word of someone who has previously used it. 

Dell servers

  1. Dell Components Reliability 

The IT Manager at a large-scaled media and newsgroup went on to explain that Dell had not broken down for a single minute ever since their servers had been set up. This was due to the sturdy components that could make it through thick and thin with ease. 

  1. Server and Components Availability 

It can be agonising to not find a suitable replacement or upgrading hardware for your previously installed server. However, Dell has been known to offer a 99.99% availability of products and hardware over multiple generations. Therefore, no matter what generation and device you are using, you are always covered by Dell for components and replacements along with upgrades whenever, and wherever. 

  1. Excellent On-Going Support 

Dell claims to offer support to its clients that is as good as the support that their clients offer to their clients. This is one highly effective method of getting across the fact that Dell understands your needs and aligns with the business ethics that you require for yourself. 

  1. Dell’s Automated Services

When it comes to servers and components, Dell provides automated tools and services that help you stay on top of your IT while keeping things as simple as they can get. You do not have to get into the nitty-gritty details of everything while setting up and getting around with new components. Sever management, set up and maintenance cannot get easier than that which Dell provides. 

Here at Kahn Servers, we go ahead by one more step to make things easier for you. We do not want our customers to get into the tiny detail of the work, therefore we simply do all the little work the involves building and replacing parts and components on refurbished servers. You on the other hand simply have to connect and use. It can’t get easier than this. 

  1. Remote Maintenance 

An additional service that Dell offers to its clients is the maintenance of servers that can be done remotely. In a world where one just cannot stay and cater to business from one place, it is important to b moving around a lot. However, not being physically available may increase your chances of prolonged time outs in case of a breakdown when you can’t be there to fix it. However, Dell servers allow you to maintain your server without actually having to physically be there for the work.

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